All products designed or engineered by Embrio are the result of fine analysis and creativity in the product development process.   In co-operation with our customers we consider human, economical and  technological factors to be our guide in our quest for functional, ergonomic and  aesthetical products in a wide range of industrial applications.


In the vivid and fast changing world of graphic design, Embrio approaches his design-process as a balance of creativity, originality and interaction between graphic and viewer.
A present knowledge of the print-process and different media gives EMBRIO the opportunity to fulfil our customer's demand and to provide an added value.

Creating products for events or exhibitions is combining the working process of product development and graphic design.
With a vision and a deliberate choice of graphical elements, we try to achieve a pure and aesthetical form of visual communication ... without losing the message.


Embrio is founded in 1995 by Gerd Van Cauteren.
The core business of Embrio is to deliver innovation in one or more phases of the development process.
Creating ideas and performing result driven, are added values in a close cooperation with our customers.
Together with well chosen partners we can offer total concepts, going from ideas to finalised products.